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WEEVAC - W. Murphy
  • 12 LaSalle Dr.
  • K0J1P0
  • P.O. Box 1306
  • K0J1P0

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
339110  Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1 to $99,999
Updated on:
2016-02-25,  Industry Canada
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WEEVAC - W. Murphy

Company Profile

W. Murphy Enterprises Inc. was incorporated in November 1988. This small Canadian company began with the design and manufacture of innovative evacuation stretcher systems for use by hospitals, nursing homes, public buildings, Fire, EMS, Police, military etc... WEEVAC is the trademark of an innovative line of emergency evacuation stretcher systems, which has been patented in Canada, the U.S.A., and with worldwide patents pending. The company has received United States F.D.A. market approval for these stretchers. WEEVAC stretchers are designed and manufactured in CANADA. WEEVAC stretchers have been adopted by institutions across North America to enhance their evacuation plans - from Hawaii to Bermuda and as far away as Sarajevo Children's Hospital with the UNHCR. Other WEEVAC products include rescue stretchers for EMS and Search & Rescue, a marine storage system designed for the Canadian Coast Guard and a transport incubator cover designed to maximize heat and energy efficiency. The inventor and company president, Wendy Murphy has won 3 National Awards: The prestigious Manning Award - "For Her Great Talent in Designing the WEEVAC Evacuation Stretcher" National Research Council of Canada 75th Anniversary Award - Recognizing Outstanding Innovativeness in Medical Device Technology The Sir Joseph Flavelle Award - For Technical Innovation Wendy Murphy and her inventions have been featured on the CBC show VENTURE, and the Discovery Channel's ``Inventions`Series, and Canada's Top 50 Inventions. The WEEVAC inventions have been featured in several school textbooks and children's informational texts.


  • WEEVAC 6 (Infant Evacuation Stretcher System). WEEVAC 6 (Infant Evacuation Stretcher System). The only stretcher in the world designed to carry six bundled babies (premature to full term) to safety in size-adjustable heat retaining pockets. Each pocket has a large reflector-tape arrow which gives rescuers fast, heads-up patient orientation and makes the stretcher easy to find in the dark. This lightweight, foldable stretcher is easily handled by two people. Users include : hospital nurseries, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, daycare centres. The WEEVAC 6 is delivered with a storage bag and one training video per order (DVD or VHS). The video is also available on our web-site.

  • WEEVAC TC (Evacuation Stretcher System) WEEVAC TC (Evacuation Stretcher System) This evacuation stretcher system is for adults and older children. Its one piece construction is fully adjustable to cocoon a patient in a heat insulating, protective layer of waterproof Mylar laminated vinyl. The fabric used has an extremely rapid static decay - important in emergencies that are petroleum or gas related. A special fabric covers the bottom to facilitate sliding patients along on all types of floors and stairs. Users include : hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals/centers, private homes, offices, public buildings, airport rescue, Fire/Ambulance. The WEEVAC TC is delivered with its own storage bag, one SnapLight and a training video (DVD or VHS). The training video is also available on our web-site.

  • WEEVAC TC - SET OF FIVE WEEVAC TC - SET OF FIVE Set of Five with large storage bag, manual, five SnapLights and one training video per hospital / institution order

  • WEEVAC PC - PATIENT LIFT / CARRY - general use WEEVAC PC - PATIENT LIFT / CARRY - general use Designed for wheelchair / bed patients and for general emergency evacuation, each Patient Carrier has die-cut hand holds at every corner and a reinforced vinyl construction. This makes it remarkably flexible and easy for two people to safely carry and manoeuvre patients around tight corners and through narrow spaces. Patient Carry folds down into small storage bag - approximately 10`` X 12`` X 1`` - easily stored with the wheelchair. Four corner handholds - reinforced. Users include : schools, theatres, offices, Fire, Police, Ambulance, hospitals, nursing homes. Holds up to 300 pounds. Size 49``X 31``

  • WEEVAC PC - PATIENT LIFT / CARRY - large model WEEVAC PC - PATIENT LIFT / CARRY - large model Users include : schools, theatres, offices, Fire, Police, Ambulance, hospitals, nursing homes. Holds up to 500 pounds. Size 40``X60`` Patient Carry folds down into small storage bag - approximately 13`` X 12`` X 1.5`` - large numbers can be stored easily in a small space. Six reinforced handholds with additional hand support to distribute the patient's weight (heavy-duty, thick walled rubber tubing).

  • WEEVAC TRANSPORT INCUBATOR COVER WEEVAC TRANSPORT INCUBATOR COVER This is a custom piece designed to fit each make of incubator individually. Each cover provides a heavy duty, stain resistant cover that is designed to retain the maximum amount of heat within the incubator thus conserving energy from the on-board batteries. Each cover has storage pockets to accommodate patient information as well as equipment. A clear vinyl attachment allows visualization of the patient during transport without losing precious heat.

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment, Products & Supplies

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