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Superior Medical Limited
  • 520 Champagne Dr.
  • M3J2T9

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Australia, China, Germany, India, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Italy, Japan, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States
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417930  Professional Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
Updated on:
2015-03-09,  Industry Canada
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Superior Medical Limited

Company Profile

ABOUT SUPERIOR MEDICAL Our History Founded in the 1970's, Superior Medical has offered Canadians only the best in medical products, surgical equipment and healthcare services. Over the years, Superior has introduced new and exciting advancements in diagnostic medicine and non-invasive surgery, while exclusively representing many "Fortune 500" Healthcare manufacturers in Canada. Superior Medical is also Canada's leading supplier of health information based products. From prenatal class videos, charts and models, patient education booklets explaining every medical or surgical topic, to bereavement and life challenging materials, our publishing divisions distribute over one million health promotion and educational products to caregivers annually. Since 1990, Superior Medical has become a leading purveyor of cardiac test and patient monitoring equipment adding to our legendary microscopy, electrosurgery, L & D products and surgical instrumentation product offerings. The Superior Way: Knowledge, Integrity and Commitment!


  • SURGICAL EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION SURGICAL EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION The Surgical Division represents the most respected manufacturers of state-of-the-art surgical equipment, instrumentation and innovative specialty products for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, ENT/Plastics, Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Dermatology, Thoracic Vascular and General Surgery.

  • OB/GYN OB/GYN From electrosurgical units and laparoscopic equipment to the basics of IUDs and cytology brushes, Superior Medical's dedication to Gynaecology has kept our extensive product lines on the cutting edge. Representing industry leaders exclusively, our complete line of gynaecologic products will enable you to obtain the most innovative products without the time consuming burden of searching for specific equipment and supplies from various sources. - Colposcopes & Instrumentation - Endometrial/Endocervical Samplers - Cryosurgical/Electrosurgical - Minimally Invasive - Instruments - Hysteroscopy Systems - Resectoscopes - LAVH instruments - Specialty Instruments & Microscopes - Specialty Products - Infertility Products - Basic Supplies

  • CARDIOLOGY CARDIOLOGY Superior Medical features high quality Hewlett Packard ECG's, Defibrillators, monitors, systems and supplies that have set the standard for Healthcare world-wide. Legendary user-friendliness and cost-effective solutions to every Healthcare need are a HP promise! Call for literature.

  • ENT & PLASTICS ENT & PLASTICS Top quality surgical instruments, treatment cabinets and procedure chairs are available for immediate shipment. Also, surgical loupes, examination lamps, mirror warmers, cryosurgery equipment and many unique specialty products offer the ENT specialist access to complete supplies & equipment from one source. Catalogues available. In Plastics, we offer power procedure chairs, specialized cabinetry, microsurgery instruments, quality OR examination lamps plus a full range of day-to-day medical supplies for every application. Our top German-quality, yet price conscious instrumentation offers the Plastic/Reconstructive surgeon quick access to every possible need. Catalogues available.

  • OPHTHALMOLOGY OPHTHALMOLOGY Whether office supplies, microsurgery instrumentation or cryosurgery equipment, Superior offers the Ophthalmologist easy access to daily needs. We also carry a full line of power procedure chairs and accessories for office or hospital use. Look at Superior's Patient Education products to support time management, practice promotion and patient education endeavors.

  • GENERAL SURGERY GENERAL SURGERY Superior represents leading German and U.S. manufacturers of innovative minimally invasive instrumentation and supplies. Also, unique equipment from Xenon light sources, insufflators, cameras to CO2 tank switch-over valves, have shown Superior's commitment to General Surgery for more than a decade. Call for information.

  • PATIENT EDUCATION/HEALTH INFORMATION PRODUCTS PATIENT EDUCATION/HEALTH INFORMATION PRODUCTS Canada's Source for Health Information Our Health Information Materials are currently used by corporations, hospitals, health care facilities, private practices, Community Healthcare providers, pastoral care givers, educational and community based institutions and non-profit organizations. These materials inform, educate and promote healthy lifestyles, explain complex medical/surgical or allied health care procedures, important occupational health & safety, human resource and emotional health issues, and will introduce methods and approaches to coping with issues from childbirth to bereavement. Since 1984, Superior Medical's Health Information Systems and Patient Education Systems Divisions have distributed millions of individual pieces of health information to Canadians from coast-to-coast. Booklets, brochures, kits, tear sheets, posters, videos, slide sets, CD-ROM, Reference Guides & Directories, Anatomical models and charts are available for immediate delivery. Healthcare professionals use our materials daily to reach into the communities they serve, manage time effectively, increase compliance and build referrals. Community based organizations & agencies coast-to-coast utilize our cost effective materials to promote healthy lifestyles, positive attitudes and ensure public access to a broad base of quality information to those they serve. Whatever your need, Superior Medical provides cost effective results quickly, with award-winning products sold worldwide to corporations, government agencies, medical, dental and allied caregivers, hospitals and healthcare facilities. Superior Medical also offers a complete custom publishing division providing designed and printed information to suit every need. From booklets to calenders, look to Superior Medical for premium quality, instantly recognized materials that are "tools" in health promotion, patient education, OH & S, human resource or pastoral care. HERE'S WHAT WE OFFER! Patient Education We are Canada's "one stop source" for every patient education & practice promotion requirement. Call us for catalogues specific to your professional needs. Anatomical Models & Charts Superior can provide every conceivable anatomical model for your teaching or presentation needs. Our models are all top quality, yet priced to fit every budget. Also, we stock anatomical charts and posters for every teaching, educational or decorative purpose. These are available in various sizes, both laminated or not, with many mounting and framing options to suit your particular need. Specialized anatomical model & chart, or poster catalogues are available. Medical, Surgical, Dental, Physical Medicine, Nursing, General Health & Wellness, Allied Health Caregiver, OH & S, Human Resource Textbooks, General Interest Books, Manuals or Resources Superior distributes every general interest or reference book imaginable. Looking to up-date older editions? Looking for that special reference manual recommended by a colleague? A gift for a friend? Superior's customer service department will research and access what you require quickly saving you the hassle of time-consuming searches. We will access and ship directly to you or a friend, with just one call! Prenatal Charts, Videos, Booklets and Reference Textbooks Maternal newborn, pre & post natal educational products are available from stock for immediate shipment. For over a decade, Superior Medical has been a recognized leading purveyor of high quality, price conscious, childbirth related information to Canadian educators coast to coast. Call for catalogues. Continuing Education Videos & Slide Sets Specific videos and slides by world-leading Medical/Surgical/Allied Healthcare and many other experts are available to help you with that grand round presentation, community outreach talk or whatever your particular need. Call us for listings! Eld

  • GENERAL MEDICAL SUPPLY GENERAL MEDICAL SUPPLY The "General Medical Division" at Superior Medical is divided into various specialties. All medical office supply needs can be found in our quarterly sales flyers, each directed at specific healthcare specialties. To be placed on our mailing list complete the On-Line Inquiry, or call for your FREE copy of any of our flyers. From paper products to syringes, instruments or medical sundries, Superior Medical's General Medical Division IS your Source for "Total Medical Supplies". Footcare In 1993, Superior launched our Footcare division with supplies and equipment for all footcare professionals. From our own quality "Pedi-Doc" instruments, to power procedure chairs, drills, solutions, padding products, anatomical models, posters and patient education, to orthotic supplies, we offer quick & friendly service. Our "one good price deserves another" policy insures the best price on every purchase. Also, a complete repair service is offered. Catalogues available. Nurse Practitioners Regardless of your area of interest, Superior Medical offers complete access to all your requirements. Call or drop by our showroom and discover for yourself why so many nursing professionals use Superior as their first shopping choice for every possible need. Childbirth Educators/Midwifes As Canada's leading OB company, Superior can supply all your needs. From patient education videos to fetal dopplers, Superior has the knowledge to provide solutions quickly. Call us for more details. Physiotherapy From Hot & Cold Therapy and exercise products, to patient education, look to Superior Medical for all your practice needs. We stock a full range of supplies for immediate delivery. Call for information.

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