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Encom Information Systems Inc.
  • 4-168 Konrad Cres.
  • L3R9T9

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Australia, Cuba, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Japan
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-14,  Industry Canada
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Encom Information Systems Inc.

Company Profile

Encom Systems is devoted exclusively to the design and implementation of computer systems for the health care community. Since its inception in 1976, Encom has assisted hospitals, nursing homes and homes for the elderly's ability to deliver quality health care by improving efficiency and providing necessary information quickly and easily. Encom`s clients which range from small to large health care institutions, all face the same challenge of operating effectively and flexibly under the pressure of budget constraints. For that reason, the computer system chosen must be affordable and adaptable, and offer significant benefits. The company`s professional and competent staff is committed to providing the health care community with the best computer technology and support available. With extensive experience in both the health care sector and in data processing, Encom staff recognizes that each customer may have different priorities and a unique set of needs. With its special knowledge of the industry, Encom is uniquely equipped to meet those needs. The company will meet all automation requirements, including hardware and software, provide installation and training services, as well as offer customization, long term service, and support in locations across North America. Over the years, Encom has established contact with various levels of government health departments and agencies to ensure that Encom`s software is up to date and reflects the latest regulatory requirements. Encom`s Software...Systems that work Encom offers a complete range of Financial Management and Patient Card software systems, which are flexible and easy to use. Each software system can operate independently, or can be linked with other packages offered by Encom, as well as standard word processing, spreadsheet and office automation packages to create a completely integrated health care information system. Encom`s software can be operated easily by first time users and works on a range of computer hardware, including personal computers. To ensure privacy and confidentiality, access can be limited to authorized personnel. Given the benefits of using systems from Encom, each package can be implemented for a surprisingly modest investment in time and money. Reflecting its commitment to service and dedication to quality. Encom attaches a life time guarantee to all its software. Support and Service...Backing each system As technology advances and regulations change, the needs of the health care community change. Encom keeps up with those changes and takes a long term view of planning, training, service and support to its clients. Encom works closely with its health care clients from the beginning. To assist personnel using the system, step by step instructions are built into the software. User and technical documents are clearly laid out and ``help`` facilities are built in to provide specific instructions regarding any unfamiliar procedure. As a final safety net, Encom`s staff is on call 24 hours a day every day of the year via a Hot Line. Encom`s research staff maintains a software library of all systems in use, develops new applications, updates existing applications, and develops special programs to meet unique client requirements. To ensure they keep current with the latest advancements in software systems, all of Encom clients regularly receive the latest enhancements. As well, Encom periodically distributes newsletters to keep customers aware of system upgrades and services.


  • Patient Care Systems - Admission, Discharge, Transfer and Census - Central Patient Index - Radiology - Pharmacy Management - Laboratory - Medical Records - Patient Classification System - Emergency Registration - Out-Patient Registration - Home Care - CMG/RIW System - NISS Nursing System - GRASP Nursing System - MDS for Chronic Care

  • Financial Reporting Systems - General Ledger - Management Reporting - Budget Preparation and Control - Payroll - Retro-Active Pay - Labour Distribution - Purchase Services - Budget Preparation - Personnel - Scheduling - Executive Payroll - In-patient Accounting - Out-patient Accounting - Trust Accounting - Non-patient Accounting

  • Administrative and Other Systems - Fund Raising - Maintenance Management - Plant Operation - Computer Usage and Security - Records Management - Microfiche - System Management - Occupational Health and Safety - WCB System - Seating Selection - Project Costing

  • Materials Management Systems - Accounts Payable - Inventory Control - Purchasing - Supply Processing and Distribution - Capital Assets - Service Contracts

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