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Stilo Corporation
  • 504-1900 City Park Dr.
  • K1J1A3

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611420  Computer Training
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-11-30,  Industry Canada
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Stilo Corporation

Company Profile

OmniMark Technologies Corporation (formerly Exoterica Corporation) develops, markets and supports OmniMark, the leading SGML-based programming language for development of on- line, Web, CD-ROM and print-on-demand applications. In the 10 years since its founding, OmniMark Technologies has built its installed base to over 700 customers in 34 countries, assumed a leadership role in a number of standards bodies including SGML Open, ISO and GCA and produced strong financial performance featuring rapid revenue growth and consistent profitability. OmniMark Technologies is ranked 82nd in the February 1996 Branham 200/Financial Post list of Top Independent Canadian Software Companies.


  • OmniMark for DOS, Windows, OS/2, UNIX, VMS OmniMark: XGML OmniMark is a powerful easy-to-learn scripting language combined with a premium validating SGML parser. OmniMark can be used to convert SGML documents to the input languages of other products, to convert the output languages of other products to SGML-defined languages including AAP and CALS (commonly referred to as AUTOTAGGING), and to convert between arbitrary languages and data formats. OmniMark can provide the scripting language for products which do not have one or whose script language is weak such as Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, or it can be used to enhance the strong scripting languages of products such as Interleaf or HyperCard.

  • Publishing software for Internet,CD-ROM,and Print OmniMark is the established hypertext programming language based on SGML and open standards technology. OmniMark is used in development of Internet/intranet,CD-ROM,and print-on-demand applications.

  • OmniMark Industrial strength development environment for large scale electronic delivery system. ConnectIT Category Description: COMPUTING AND DEVELOPMENT TOOLS Computing

  • OmniMark Professional Services and Training
  • Develop, Market and Support OmniMark
  • Develop, Market and Support SGML Kernel

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