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MDS Aero Support Corporation
  • 200-1220 Old Innes Rd
  • K1B3V3

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China, Japan, Russian Federation, Ukraine, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541330  Engineering Services
541710  Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
Quality Certifications:
ISO 14001, ISO 9001
Updated on:
2015-12-01,  Industry Canada
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MDS Aero Support Corporation

Company Profile

MDS Aero Support Corporation is an engineering-based organization whose primary focus is the supply of test facilities and test systems for aviation, industrial, and marine gas turbine engines. Certified to both ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, MDS has supplied turnkey engine test facilities, test support equipment, data acquisition systems, and engineering services to a variety of industries and organizations around the globe for the past 25 years. With a core staff of 200 individuals of which 75% consist of engineers and technologists experienced in a wide range of engineering disciplines, MDS provides clients with a single source for all their engineering and project requirements. MDS’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction combined with our expertise with both classical engineering techniques and advanced engineering tools ensures MDS customers receive reliable, state of the art, cost effective solutions.


  • Aerodynamics and Acoustics The MDS aerodynamic and acoustic group specializes in classical aerodynamic and acoustic engineering techniques, computer simulations, and physical scale modeling to minimize project risks and provide clients with cost effective, reliable solutions. MDS core staff includes aerodynamicists and noise control engineers with over 50 years experience in this specialized discipline. MDS’ proven track record and dedication to research in this field have made MDS a world leader in the fields of aerodynamics, noise control, and infrasound. Engineering capabilities include test facility aerodynamic and acoustic specification and design, aerodynamic and acoustic component specification and design, feasibility studies and reports, test rig design, and aerodynamic and acoustic site surveys. Products include inlet and exhaust silencers and components, flow conditioning devices, sound attenuation panels, turning vanes, inlet air filters, inlet heating/cooling systems, augmenter tubes, exhaust baskets, mixers, and flow measurement and emission monitoring devices.

  • Instrumentation and Controls The Instrumentation and Controls Department provides expertise in measurement systems solutions from steady state to dynamic data acquisition including hardware integration, signal conditioning design, and uncertainty analyses. We are an experienced supplier of test facility controls, PLC and HMI programming, and specialised control algorithm solutions. Our engineers will provide you a complete end to end solution from design to risk analysis to testing, installation, calibration, and commissioning.

  • Mechanical Engineering The MDS Mechanical Engineering team members combine years of practical experience with classical engineering techniques and the latest engineering tools to provide MDS customers with cost effective, reliable mechanical solutions. Whether you require services such as 3-D solid modeling, rotordynamics, thermal design analysis, finite element analysis, hydraulic design, or products such as thrust measurement systems, engine adapters, ground handling equipment, coupling plates, gas and liquid fuel systems, hydraulic and lubrication systems, MDS has the skills and experience to meet your requirements.

  • Project Management MDS Project Management team members utilize the latest tools and reporting techniques to ensure projects and engineering activities meet or exceed customer expectations and are completed on time and within budget. Comprehensive planning, monitoring, control and attention to detail are key ingredients required to ensure a successful project. MDS Project Managers govern the overall execution of the contracted work administering all project plans, budgets and schedules The project plan, schedule, work breakdown structure, and responsibility matrix are created upfront to ensure the division of responsibilities between all project parties is clear. These documents become the roadmap for a successful project. Regular internal and external project coordination meetings are held to monitor progress, resolve outstanding issues, and report on project progress. Project and system specific risk assessment activities are performed to mitigate project risks and guarantee project success. Engineering coordination memorandums are used to control client correspondence such that actions can be tracked and controlled. Action summaries are created and reviewed regularly to ensure open actions are highlighted and addressed.

  • Software Engineering MDS Aero Support Corporation’s software engineering group continually invests in the latest hardware and software design tools to provide customers with reliable and effective programs. Part of our responsibility includes the design, development, implementation and support of the MDS Data Acquisition System software. This includes the real-time data acquisition monitoring software running on a UNIX/Linux platform, the Graphical User Interfaces running on a Windows PC platform, as well as software running on embedded systems. The department is involved in the System Software Requirements specification, and follows through with a formal development process to system implementation. This development process includes the use of the Rational Rose for UML modeling.

  • Customer Support At MDS, we believe that superior customer support is a primary element in establishing and maintaining a committed relationship with our customers. We take great pride in ensuring customer satisfaction even long after the project has been completed. In testament to the value we place upon long-term customer relationships, MDS offers complete customer support packages, including worldwide 24-hour telephone hotline, field service representatives, software and hardware upgrades, management of critical spares, preventive maintenance and calibration services, customer training and industry leading on-line documentation.

  • Exhaust Collector/Diffusers Industrial and marine gas turbine engines typically require a radial or axial exhaust collector/diffuser to redirect exhaust gases while minimizing backpressure. MDS Exhaust Collector/Diffusers(C/D) for the GE LM2500/LM6000 series of industrial gas turbines and the Rolls-Royce Trent Marine and Industrial gas turbines have been field proven in demanding test facility applications in North America and Europe.

  • proDAS Data Acquisition System proDAS is an advanced data acquisition and control system, developed by MDS Aero Support Corporation to meet the requirements of gas turbine engine overhaul, production, and research and development test facilities. Key features: Remote monitoring Real-Time, deterministic performance Common operator interface for all testing environments Fully Automated testing Multi-channel calibration and traceable database User-defined reports Scalable from fewer than 100 to more than 6000 channels Industry standard interfaces – VXI, PCI, Serial, OPC, Linux, Ethernet, etc among others 0-5000 Hz scan rate, with optional integrated dynamic measurement Windows look and feel Trim balance available as option Trend monitoring

  • Turbulence Control Structures MDS Aero Support Corporation has developed a unique Turbulence Control Structure (TCS) design, adaptable to any engine size, which meets all the aerodynamic, acoustic and structural requirements for modern fan engines. The MDS-designed TCS: Eliminates large-scale turbulence fluctuations at the engine fan inlet Reduces flow distortions of the inlet air during static tests, thereby stabilizing engine speed and reducing axial and radial components of inlet flow turbulence Reduces effects of wind gusts and crosswinds

  • Throttle Systems (UECU 500) The Universal Engine Control Unit (UECU) 500 is a self-contained throttle lever and controller that interfaces with all engine types. The UECU 500 is simple to use and can be easily pre-configured for each engine. The UECU 500 supports fully automated testing to numerous engine parameters including PLA, EGT, EPR, thrust, etc. It can be running stand alone or fully integrated with the test cell DAS and Control system. It comes in single lever or dual lever configuration.

  • Thrust Measurement System The MDS Thrust Measurement System (TMS) is a highly accurate and repeatable thrust frame, load cell, and hydraulically loaded calibration system for aero engine testing. An in-frame calibration system allows calibrations to be performed quickly and automatically, without requiring the operator to enter the test cell. Integrated engine handling allows the engine with adapter to automatically dock and undock using coupling plates for quick engine changes thus maximizing test cell utilization.

  • Trim Balance and Vibration Conditioning system MDS Aero Support Corporation offers an advanced Trim Balance and Vibration Conditioning system for the collection of live engine data. Key features include: One- or two-plane balancing of current fan engine types Easy engine plane configuration Up to three vibration transducers available for balancing Imbalance data recorded at multiple speeds Real time display of vibration amplitudes and phase angles Proprietary algorithms used to assess data quality and ensure optimal solutions Single-shot or vectorial / intervectorial solutions Residual vibration levels calculated for recommended and user- entered solutions Influence coefficients intelligently updated with each successful engine balancing session This online system can operate on a standalone PC or be integrated with proDAS, MDS’s PC-based data acquisition and control system. If integrated, the system is automatically configured by proDAS for the engine type being tested.

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