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Nightingale Corp
  • 2301 Dixie Rd.
  • L4Y1Z9

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Brazil, Finland, Germany, Korea, Republic of, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
337213  Wood Office Furniture, including Custom Architectural Woodwork, Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2016-01-27,  Industry Canada
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Nightingale Corp

Company Profile

Nightingale Corp offers a wide ranger of patented or design registered seating products that are distinctly Nightingale. Since 1928, Nightingale has continuously manufactured popular priced office chairs. As a major supplier of quality seating, Nightingale is constantly developing technologies and design features providing the industry with reliable seating products that can truly be described as on the "leading edge". Our internal lumbar and lateral back support mechanism that self adjusts to the user's back is often recommended by medical professionals for people who suffer from back pain and back fatigue. Our Enersorb Foam is a unique foam composition that absorbs and conforms to both the weight and shape of the individual. Nightingale also offers other innovative features such as a seat sliding mechanism that allows for simple seat depth adjustment, a ratchet back height adjustment that is user friendly, a unique two-way arm adjustment that is fingertip adjustable and a durable simulated wood nylon base that does not chip and is easily maintained. These features are just a few examples of our commitment to the future of office seating and the health and comfort of our customers. Nightingale Inc. is proud to be certified under IS-9000-2000 Manufacturing Standards. Nightingale has developed and promoted an Environmental Policy long before government instituted mandatory recycling. All form and urethane components are CFC free to help prevent further depletion of the Earth's Ozone layer. All of our painted components are covered with a high impact epoxy powder coat, electrostatically applied for corrosion resistance, thus reducing the use of solvents and toxic gases. Excess materials generated from the manufacturing process such as wood, paper, foam, metal, plastic, cardboard packaging and leather are recycled, further reducing the need for waste disposal sites. Nightingale is proud to have won the prestigious ADEX Award (Award for Design Excellence) for the 2600 Ultima series in the category of Contract Task Seating (1996), the 5500 Regal series in the category of Contract Executive Seating (1996), and the 1861 Back Buddy in the category of Contract Executive Seating (1997). We believe these awards and other similar testimonies for quality performance and design excellence reflect the commitment by Nightingale.



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