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Polymathic Computer Products Limited
  • 100-245 Yorkland Blvd
  • M2J4W9

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United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-14,  Industry Canada
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Polymathic Computer Products Limited

Company Profile

The Polymathic Group is an integrated group of management and computer consulting firms specializing in providing fully integrated enterprise information systems. We offer a broad scope of services ranging from systems design, program development, on or off line data processing, in house computer systems installation or any combination of the foregoing.


  • Polymathic Accounts Payable Polymathic Accounts Payable is an interactive accounts payable system that offers complete easy-to-use procedures for verifying and recording liabilities, timely payment of obligations and assures that current information is available for use in determining future cash requirements, and planning for the maximum use of cash resources.

  • Polymathic Accounts Receivable Polymathic Accounts Receivable is an interactive accounts receivable system that offers complete, easy-to-use procedures for keeping records of customer's purchases and payments and controlling collections, sales, credit authorization and adjustments.

  • Polymathic Complaint Management Each home buyer complaint is keyed in and tracked against a target completion date. Complaints can be accessed by lot number, customer, sub-division, trade, repairer or repair problem. Reports can be generated that show you where your complaints are coming from with summaries by division, repairer, repair problem and lot number.

  • Polymathic Construction Accounting Developed specifically for contractors and sub-contractors of all sizes, in all phases of construction. This system meshes an advanced data processing and control system with sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, on-line management information in any or all of the following areas: Payroll, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order Control, Accounts Receivable, Job Cost Analysis and General Ledger/Budgetary Control.

  • Polymathic Fixed Assets Fixed Assets is designed to reduce the time and effort involved in maintaining the necessary information for depreciation assets. Two methods of depreciation are available, straight-line and declining balance. Depreciation is calculated for both book and tax purposes. The system allows for multiple locations, departments and classes of assets.

  • Polymathic General Ledger Polymathic General Ledger is an interactive general ledger system that offers complete, easy-to-use procedures for posting journals, maintaining account summary totals as historical data, posting journal entries, and producing general ledger and financial reports.

  • Polymathic Job Costing Specifically designed for contractors and construction companies, this system compares accounting cost against estimated cost and gives a complete status of each job. The results are used as the basis to calculate current earned profit, over or under bill, cash requirements and other information. Accounting data is entered in Polymathic’s Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger programs.

  • Polymathic Job Scheduling Simply type in the desired closing date for a unit then Polymathic Job Scheduling automatically calculates the start and end date for each task involved in the construction process and provides you with an accurate, printed schedule.

  • Polymathic Law Office Law Office performs all the usual accounting functions including full trust accounting (trust deposits, trust accounts, trust receipts and trust disbursements journals) and full time accounting (track time and work done by client, lawyer or activity). The package includes General Ledger Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Time Accounting and Financial reporting.

  • Polymathic Inventory/Order Entry This system provides an effective tool for processing orders, analyzing sales and controlling inventory. It enables management to provide fast order turn-around, offer flexible, automatic pricing and discounting, make timely price changes, reduce inventory costs, speed backorders, improve customer service and maximize return on investment.

  • Polymathic Canadian Payroll This system calculates and prints cheques and provides distribution to multiple general ledger accounts. The program gives you efficient handling of hourly, salaried and commissioned employees. Calculates income tax, U.I.C., C.P.P., Q.P.P., regular, overtime and vacation pay. Quickly and easily print T4 slips, pay cheques and a variety of other useful reports.

  • Polymathic Sales Analysis Sales analysis is an effective way to examine and evaluate sales information. Data is obtained from Polymathic's Accounts Receivable or Order Entry system. Sales Analysis shows sales activity by customer, customer type, customer sales volume, salesperson, province or product.

  • Polymathic Time Accounting Time Accounting enables you to account for and bill out the time spent and charges incurred by the individual firm members. The system accounts for each employee's chargeable and non- chargeable time, expenses to be billed, multiple categories of unbilled work in process and each client's aged accounts receivable balance.

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