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Transchem Inc.
  • 1225 Franklin Blvd
  • N1R7E5

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
325610  Soap and Cleaning Compound Manufacturing
418410  Chemical (except Agricultural) and Allied Product Wholesaler-Distributors
325999  All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Updated on:
2016-06-16,  Industry Canada
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Transchem Inc.

Company Profile

Transchem Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of transportation cleaning chemicals. We manufacture products for carwashing and truckwashing and specialize in touchless or "frictionless" products. In 1997 we received Environmental Choice or EcoLogo Certification (CCD-061) for a broad range of products including our presoaks, foaming detergents and waxes. Another area of expertise is our surfactant technology which we market to manufacturers of cleaning chemicals. Transchem Inc. is a member of both the International (ICA) and Canadian (CCA) Carwash Associations.


  • The Colorshine Line The Colorshine Line is a complete line of products for the carwash industry including touchless presoak, foaming detergents, waxes, tire cleaners and others. This line includes EcoLogo Certified products.

  • Carwash Chemicals Products used in the cleaning of vehicles in commercial carwashes or through the use of pressure washers. Products include foaming detergents, presoaks, waxes, and others.

  • The Truckshine Line A full line of cleaning chemicals used for cleaning trucks, buses, and fleets. Products include soaps, degreasers, acids and all purpose cleaners.

  • TransPak Carwash Concentrates TransPak Concentrates are super-concentrated, liquid cleaning products for use in coin-operated, friction and touchless carwashes. Available in 18.9 L (5 USG) containers, these products are the equivalent of a 114 L to 205 L container of traditonal carwash products. An excellent export potential due to the reduced freight costs, many of the TransPak products contain scents such as blueberry, lemon, pine and cherry - providing excellent customer appeal.

  • Private Label Blending Transchem markets a full range of private label-ready vehicle cleaning products and custom blends products.

  • AutoLux Carwash Concentrates AutoLux is Transchem's full line of sustainable, high-quality car wash cleaning chemicals. While maintaining the same industry-leading satisfaction as our other product lines, AutoLux has responded to consumer needs by providing 100% biodegradable cleaning products in a highly concentrated package - which reduces packaging and delivery requirements - reducing our carbon footprint.

  • RainCoat Advanced Vehicle Weather-Proofing RainCoat Advanced Vehicle Weather-Proofing is designed to give vehicles a unique protective coating and "wax-like" shine. RainCoat allows rain, sleet and snow to repel easily from the vehicle's body and glass - increasing driver visibility in extreme weather conditions.

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