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Thales Canada, Defence and Security
  • 1 Chrysalis Way
  • K2G6P9

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Australia, Finland, India, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541330  Engineering Services
Quality Certifications:
ISO 9001
Total Sales ($CDN):
$100,000 to $199,999
Updated on:
2015-12-11,  Industry Canada
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Thales Canada, Defence and Security

Company Profile

Thales is a global leader in the Defence & Security, Aerospace, and Transportation markets. In 2014 the company generated revenues of $19 billion CAD and employed 61 000 people in 56 countries. Thales Canada has 1,800 employees in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver working in Transportation, Defence & Security, and Avionics. Thales Canada has annual revenues of $500 million, with customers in urban rail, civil aviation, and defence and security. Thales Canada is a trusted Prime Contractor and a Tier 1 Systems Integrator for Defence and Security and over the past 40 years has been a major supplier and a long-term partner to DND in all of its operational areas. Since 1967, Thales has provided the Navy with the largest supply of sensors and is currently delivering 71 C2 systems to the Navy and Coast Guard under IMIC3. The selection of our shipbuilding partner, Seaspan, for the non-combat National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy contracts, establishes Thales Canada as a key systems integrator for the Coast Guard and the Navy. Thales Canada is well positioned to be one of the lead systems integrators for the navy’s future programs. Through the long term LCSS partnership with the Army, Thales Canada provides the Army with the core of its command and control system and is a key partner in DND’s development of future Joint systems. Since 1997, Thales Canada also provides all of its driver vision enhancement and thermal imaging systems. Thales Canada has developed a comprehensive organic training and simulation expertise which it is leveraging in all elements of its business. Thales Canada is also a Prime Contractor for the Royal Canadian Air Force delivering a turnkey communications system on the CP 140 Communications Management Systems (CMS) program, and a complex mission system and radar under the Tactical Control Radar (TCR) program. Thales Canada is a Premier System Integrator in all domains and has become a trusted partner to DND and the Government of Canada, it was ranked #1 defence company in Canada by the Canadian Defence Review.


  • System Integration Thales Canada, Systems Division is a prime contractor, systems engineering company and turnkey systems integrator of (1) mission systems (suites of sensors, data management systems, displays, MMI); and (2) Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems for military (army, navy, airforce) and civil applications.

  • Integrated Logistics Support Thales Canada, Systems Division, as a leader in logistics technology and support, is capable of: * meeting total LSA/LSAR requirements for any military or commercial program; * developing any part of the maintenance requirements from the initial maintenance concept and plan to each individual maintenance task for each line and level of maintenance: * providing total provisioning requirements; * providing and evaluating recommended spares lists and replenishment recommendations; * meeting all operator and maintainer training requirements; * publishing technical publications and other logistics-related publications; * providing logistics consulting; and * addressing all aspects of the configuration management process.

  • Uncooled Optronics The company has already manufactured 10,000 thermal imagers, half of which has been exported to more than 15 countries, such as the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, as well as Middle-East and South-East Asia countries.

  • Sensors
  • Command & Control C2, C3, C4, C4ISR
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Force Protection, Counter IED
  • Software Development
  • Communications

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