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  • 1011 Polytek St
  • Gloucester, ON
  • K1J9J3

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Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
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Industries Classification:
488190  Other Support Activities for Air Transportation
541330  Engineering Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
334512  Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing for Residential, Commercial, and Appliance Use
Quality Certifications:
AS/EN 9100, ISO 9001
Total Sales ($CDN):
$25,000,000 to $49,999,999
Updated on:
2016-12-12,  Industry Canada
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Founded in 1979, our mission is to build a business that is recognized worldwide for its innovative contributions to the productivity and safety of critical machinery. GasTOPS’ products and services add value throughout the life cycle of complex and critical machines, from the design stage through to in-service operations and support. We design, manufacture and support advanced machinery fluid sensing and analysis products; including our MetalSCAN line of full-flow oil debris sensors and the FilterCHECK oil debris analysis system. The company also provides a range of specialized technical and engineering services to assist in the design, development and in-service support of machinery control, monitoring and maintenance systems. The company has operations in 3 locations in Canada and the United States: 1.Ottawa, Ontario – Our headquarters and manufacturing centre; 2.Pensacola, Florida – The home of GasTOPS Inc., our Applications Center for the collaborative development of machinery monitoring solutions using advanced fluid sensing and analysis techniques; and 3.Halifax, Nova Scotia – The location of our Service Center for the provision of machinery condition assessment and component MRO services Our customer solutions are found wherever machinery applications demand the highest standards of safety, reliability, availability and cost-effective operations. The most common of these are critical rotating machinery such as gas turbine engines found in aviation, marine, power generation and gas compression applications, diesel engines in marine and railway applications and gearboxes in aviation, marine and industrial applications.


  • MetalSCAN MetalSCAN is the leading sensor product available today for on-line detection and quantification of metallic debris in lubricating oil systems. MetalSCAN's unique in-line, full-flow technology detects both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metal particles and provides a reliable, early indication of impending failure. MetalSCAN's reliability lies in its simple, maintenance free design. The sensing element uses non-obtrusive magnetic coils, which surround the oil line and detect the passage of metallic debris. All of the particles above a minimum size threshold are detected and counted. Unlike conventional chip detection systems, MetalSCAN requires no cleaning and does not suffer from false alarms caused by the build-up of metallic wear "fuzz" or single large particles. With thousands of installations worldwide on equipment ranging from advanced jet engines to industrial gearboxes, MetalSCAN has proven its effectiveness, meaning expensive failures can be avoided and maintenance personnel can plan repairs during convenient and cost-effective periods.

  • FilterCHECK FilterCHECK sets a new standard for quick and efficient condition assessment of oil-wetted machinery components. As mechanical components wear, debris is often carried away by the lubrication system and captured by the system filter. By analyzing this captured debris, a rapid and reliable on-site assessment of the condition of the machine can be achieved. FilterCHECK is a unique product that automates filter debris analysis by backwashing lube oil filters, quantifing the amount of debris in the filter and determining the metallurgy of this debris using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology. Results of the analysis can be obtained within minutes of filter removal, allowing for immediate operational decision support and enhanced equipment availability. FilterCHECK’s patented backwashing technique uses pulses of compressed air to dislodge wear metal particles from the filter element and fluid washing to carry away these particles for quantification, collection, and analysis. Extensive testing by independent laboratories has demonstrated that FilterCHECK can reliably remove up to 95% of the particles contained in filters commonly used for machinery lubrication systems. The filter backwash fluid passes through a MetalSCAN sensor, which automatically counts, sizes and classifies ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metallic particles. The backwash fluid then passes through a membrane to separate out a sample of the debris that is analyzed by the unit’s EDXRF module to determine the elemental constituents of the captured debris. When the backwash cycle is completed, metallic particle quantity data and EDXRF elemental analysis results are displayed or downloaded for data logging and trending.

  • Lube Analyst LubeAnalyst provides an historical database of lubricant test results for tracked machinery items and a suite of data analysis tools for condition-based maintenance support. It is used by both military and industial customers including the Canadian Airforce, the Department of Defense Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) Technical Support Office, the US Maritime Administration (MARAD), Shell Oil, the Iron Ore Company of Canada, Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway, Norfolk Southern Railway and the Panama Canal Commission. The product includes "expert" features for automated data interpretation using a knowledgebase developed by GasTOPS over more than 20 years of experience.

  • Portable Vibration Analyzers GasTOPS is the Canadian value-added reseller for the Portable Vibration Analyzers from Dynamic Instruments Inc. These analyzers have been designed to meet the rigors of military requirements and are suitable for use in a variety of military and industrial applications. The analyzers available are: DI-137 Tracking Analyzer Balancer System (TABS) DI-306 Portable Diagnositic Analyzer (PDA) DI-307A Aircraft Vibration Analyzer (AVA)

  • Transducer Test Set GasTOPS is the Canadian reseller of portable shakers from Dynamic Instruments Inc. The shakers have been designed to meet the rigors of military requirements and are suitable for use in a variety of military and industrial applications.

  • Repair and Overhaul GasTOPS offers component maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for a wide range of electro-mechanical, electro-optical and electronic components used in both commercial and military aviation applications. We maintain an inventory of support spares and replacement parts and provide reliable, high quality repair and overhaul services with rapid turnaround times. The company holds Repairable Material Account contracts with the Canadian Department of National Defence for both on-aircraft and ground support equipment items and is an authorized repair centre for: · FLIR Systems Model 2000, Star Safire and Ultra Series Forward Looking Infrared Systems; · Breeze-Eastern hydraulic and electrical rescue hoist systems · Pinpoint Laser Systems Microgage Precision Alignment Systems; · Trimble Trimpak III Global Positioning Systems; · Dynamic Instruments DI137A Vibration Analyzers; · Dynamic Instruments DI803 Transducer Test Sets; · Normalair-Garrett TTM Magnetic Tape Cartridges; and · GasTOPS FilterCHECK, MetalSCAN and F/A 18 Flight Data Interface Unit Products. Our repair shop facilities include specialized tooling and test equipment for optical component adjustment, accelerometer calibration, line scan camera adjustment and circuit board repair. The repair shop also has access to the company’s production shop and environmental test facilities, which include CNC and conventional milling machines and lathes, CNC and TIG welding capabilities, thermal cycling chambers, and vibration test equipment. Our repair shop staff are OEM qualified and trained. The company’s extensive engineering capabilities are also available to design, develop and qualify component modifications and upgrades and to assist our customers with issues related to obsolescence management. The component MRO shop is both AS9100/ISO9001: 2008 and Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) certified. GasTOPS is registered under the Canadian Controlled Goods Registration Program (CCGRP).

  • Controls Engineering and Simulation GasTOPS has over 30 years of extensive experience in the design, development and commissioning of machinery controls in a number of different and challenging equipment applications. We specialize in the control and monitoring of rotating machinery and related ancillary and auxiliary equipment found in applications such as propulsion, power generation, fluid pumping or compression processes, as well as electrical power generation and distribution. GasTOPS’s controls development is supported by our industry leading capability in the use of engineering simulations of complex machinery arrangements. We apply simulation at various stages of a project depending on the requirements at hand. Our experience includes the application of simulation to the conceptual design of machinery system configuration, detailed design of control algorithms, testing of actual control system equipment, the production of plant simulations to support land based test facilities and on board training. Our knowledge of the equipment also enables GasTOPS to dynamically simulate equipment degradation processes, essential to the development of condition indicators to improve health monitoring when the equipment is in-service.

  • Condition Assessment Services GasTOPS provides a range of machinery condition assessment services to help our customers identify and monitor machinery degradation. These services include Program Planning, Vibration Monitoring, Oil Analysis, Non-Destructive Testing, Filter Debris Analysis, Precision Shaft Alignment, Problem Troubleshooting, Data Management, and Training.

  • Training GasTOPS offers training seminars and courses on a variety of topics relating to machinery maintenance including Lubricant Analysis Methods, Vibration Analysis, Shaft Alignment, Non-Destructive Testing and Contion Based Maintenance.

  • Remote Monitoring GasTOPS offers a remote monitoring service that permits clients to monitor the health of their equipment remotely, taking advantage of the Internet to deliver and display equipment condition regardless of where the equipment may be, and tap into the company’s extensive knowlegebase of machinery failure modes and how these modes of failure can affect the measurements used to monitor equipment health. The service permits operators to easily review equipment status and health and provides a clear and unambiguous presentation of equipment heath against identified and proven equipment condition indicators. All of the necessary data reduction and analysis is executed behind the scenes, allowing operators to effectively manage equipment downtime. Our remote monitoring solution is readily scalable in terms of both monitored equipment units and the processes or techniques used to monitor the health of these units. We support most of the common sample-based and continuous monitoring processes, including oil debris monitoring, oil analysis, vibration analysis, non-destructive testing, endoscopy, thermography and filter debris analysis techniques. The service can also include automated data interpretation, report generation and maintenance action recommendations via a data-driven, rule-based expert system capability.

  • Technology Application Engineering For more than 20 years, GasTOPS has applied its innovative technologies for machinery fluid measurement and analysis to a wide range of specific condition monitoring problems. Our approach has been to work closely with our customers on the engineering challenges associated with each new application. We have assembled a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, scientists, and technologists and we offer their services to assist customers with the development, qualification and implementation of effective condition monitoring solutions. In 2004, we created an organization within GasTOPS, the Applications Center, dedicated to this mandate of collaborative problem solving. The staff of the Applications Centre together with specialists from our engineering team in Ottawa provide our customers with extensive knowledge and prior application experience in the areas of: o On-line, continuous wear debris monitoring; o Analysis of captured wear debris; o Fluid condition and contamination monitoring; and o Condition-based maintenance program development. Our experience includes the application of these technologies to aircraft engines and gearboxes, industrial gearboxes, diesel engines, gas turbine engines, marine propulsion pods and hydraulic systems.

  • Intergration Services Integration services provided by GasTOPS technical and engineering staff focus on three specific areas: 1. Machinery Plant Design GasTOPS provides turnkey integration services for complex machinery plant designs. The services include equipment performance matching throughout the entire system operating envelope, system dynamic performance analysis and prediction using our in-house simulation capabilities as well as interface control processes to identify and manage the full spectrum of equipment physical, data and signal interfaces. These integration services provide significant benefits early in the design cycle with sufficient time to address interface and performance issues before schedule is adversely impacted. 2. Maintenance Program Development Our extensive experience in condition assessment and condition based maintenance best practises provides clients with a unique perspective on your maintenance program performance. GasTOPS can develop a maintenance program for your equipment assets that will take advantage of a proven process to review and tailor your maintenance program to maximize your investment in maintenance management tools and processes. Our processes ensure stove pipe processes are identified and eliminated, permitting clients to take full advantage of their investment in equipment health monitoring and preventive maintenance solutions for specific machinery or plant wide. 3. Data Fusion and Analytics The effectiveness of condition monitoring processes for critical machinery is dependent on turning measurement data into reliable and actionable information for operations and maintenance managers. GasTOPS has extensive experience in the integration/fusion and analysis of measurement data for the purposes of condition-based maintenance, including large-scale, mobile and stationary, equipment fleet applications. We work closely with customer engineering, management and IT staff to develop and implement solutions that are tailored to the maintenance process and IT infrastructure requirements of the customer organization. Alternatively, we offer a “turnkey-key” Remote Monitoring service.

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