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  • 368-750 Palladium Dr.
  • K2V1C7

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517410  Satellite Telecommunications
334220  Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2015-04-06,  Industry Canada
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SkyWave Mobile Communications is a global provider of Inmarsat-based satellite communication equipment and services for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. SkyWave products enable dependable and low-cost tracking and monitoring solutions for the security and remote management of assets over land, sea and air. SkyWave sells through a global network of Solution Providers who provide industry-specific expertise in more than 75 countries. SkyWave’s products are field-tested and proven reliable for a broad range of industry applications including land mobile, marine, oil & gas, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), government and defence.


  • IsatData Pro (IDP) Satellite Terminals Using the IsatData Pro satellite network, the IDP series of satellite terminals offers customers a quick and smart way to connect people and assets anywhere in the world. Models include: •IDP-680 - for general remote asset management and communications •IDP-690 - engineered for maritime and low elevation-angle applications •IDP-100 - modems for integration into existing systems •IDP-782 - dual satellite/cellular for monitoring industrial vehicles that travel between urban and remote areas •IDP-800 - for tracking and monitoring containers and trailers

  • SkyWave IsatData Pro (IDP) Data and Network Service IsatData Pro is a global satellite data packet service that offers the ability to exchange larger amounts of data to enable applications that allows users to: •Send work forms and receive work completion acknowledgements from vehicles •Transfer electronic documents including electronic logistics forms and billing signatures •Collect and transmit logs required to meet transportation regulations •Send government-mandated data from fishing boats •Collect and send detailed pressure, volume and other sensor data from Oil and Gas equipment

  • GT 600 The GT 600 is a self-contained, reliable intrusion detection and tracking solution for the transportation, oil & gas and other industrial markets. Utilizing one-way satellite communications, the GT 600 supports a security cable that can be used to wrap around container locking bars or other latching mechanisms for maximum cargo security.

  • GT 500 The ruggedized GT 500 is an environmentally hardened asset tracking solution for the transportation, oil & gas and other industrial markets. This one-way satellite-based device is fully waterproof and completely self-contained. The GT 500 provides accurate position information and motion detection capabilities for assets worldwide.

  • GT 1100 The award-winning GT 1100 is a self-powered, solar recharging GPS trailer tracking and monitoring solution with low power consumption, long service life in the field and efficient messaging via cellular communications. Its small form factor and flexible design make it easy to install on trailers or in the groove of intermodal containers to enable greater asset visibility and utilization.

  • GT 2300 The GT 2300 is a robust container tracking device with cellular communications and GPS, providing visibility into the status, movement, loading and unloading transactions of dry intermodal container operations. By leveraging powerful telematics capabilities integrated with intermodal information systems, domestic container operators can optimize movement and accelerate utilization.

  • RT 6000+ The industry-leading RT 6000+ is a two-way reefer monitoring and control device that provides comprehensive temperature, fuel management, maintenance, and logistical applications services for temperature-controlled cargo.The solution provides visibility, control and decision rules to transportation companies worldwide, providing maximum compliance, efficiency and return on investment.

  • SG-7100 The SkyWave SG-7100 is the first powerfully smart, fully-programmable and configurable cellular communications gateway for fleet management and industrial asset monitoring applications. It leverages the full capabilities of cellular broadband to provide reliable, always-on communications that enables intelligent management of vital operations data from remote workers, vehicles, and industrial assets. And it can be configured with Wi-Fi, satellite, ethernet, and other networking technologies for any requirement.

  • GT 2000 The GT 2000 is a powerful yet economical dual-mode cargo security and monitoring device that enables location tracking and intrusion detection of cargo containers and other assets. The device's low-profile enclosure facilitates mounting beneath container or trailer locking bars. Security cables can also be threaded through the holes in the metal plate and around the locking bars for added security.

  • GT 3000 The GT 3000 is a flexible, dual-mode cargo tracking, security and situational monitoring device that facilitates near-real-time asset management throughout the supply chain. The device's highly reliable sensor suite detects intrusion and tampering for maximum container security and visibility.

  • GT 3100 The GT 3100 is a flexible fuel sensor and volume monitoring solution that provides a significant deterrent against fuel theft and pilferage. By providing valuable operations data and reporting from fuel senors mounted in the tanker, the device enables continuous and reliable monitoring of fuel levels to maximize the security and accountability of fuel transport even in the most remote and hostile areas of the world.

  • HE 4000 The HE 4000 is a ruggedized,dual-mode tracking and monitoring solution that can used for a broad range of heavy equipment types and sizes in the construction, rail and utility industries. The device provides accurate and timely status and position information along with key operational metrics so OEMs, dealers and end users can proactively manage their fleet anywhere in the world.

  • CargoWatch Fleet owners today need complete visibility of their trailers to maximize utilization, reduce operational costs and improve delivery predictability. CargoWatch is a high-performance trailer tracking application optimizing logistics management solutions for transportation service providers. CargoWatch delivers visible fleet status and exception reporting to allow transportation companies to optimize their fleets and achieve a significant return on investment (ROI) immediately.

  • ReeferTrak In today?s regulatory and economic climate, it is becoming imperative for refrigerated transportation assets to be monitored and controlled in real time. ORBCOMM?s ReeferTrak web application provides advanced data reporting and analytics capabilities to increase in-transit visibility and efficiency and help ensure regulatory compliance. This translates into significant fuel savings, optimized temperature settings and increased responsiveness and customer satisfaction - which contributes directly to your bottom line.

  • IMB Acquired from GlobalTrak, ORBCOMM?s IMB web application is a robust and versatile container tracking solution that enables our intermodal customers to vastly improve their business operations. This powerful web application provides security, supply chain automation and a complete management dashboards, providing the ability to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real-time.

  • FleetEdge Acquired from MobileNet, the FleetEdge web application provides equipment and operational managers with access to asset status and location data for their entire fleet. Near real time equipment information is transmitted to the FleetEdge system via global satellite or cellular data communications networks for complete asset visibility and control.

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