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Origin International Inc.
  • 72 Baynards Lane
  • L4C9B8

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American Samoa, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mexico, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-16,  Industry Canada
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Origin International Inc.

Company Profile

Origin International Inc. develops and supports the CheckMate suite of Dimensional Measurement Software. Planning, Measurement, Analysis, and Reporting.


  • CheckMate Programming Utilizing math data from all major CAD Systems, the offline aspect of CheckMate maximizes CMM throughput and minimizes inspection turnaround by having programs ready to run when the machine is available. Simulation, collision detection/avoidance and probe path optimization ensure programs run as expected. Compatible with all modern CMMs it is ideal for environments with machines from multiple vendors and/or where machine availability is at a premium. The CMM programmer oriented user interface and functionally rich command set makes it easy to learn and very productive. With CheckMate programming you can quickly generate programs for geometric feature-based parts and complex free-form surfaces

  • CheckMate Reporting CheckMate pictorial reports offer about the visual representation of measured results that overcome the difficulties associated with interpreting extensive tabular reports. This enables users to not only identify problems quickly, it provides the ability to communicate them in a form easily understood by others. Adaptable to any application, all formats (including whisker diagrams, statistical scatter plots, target plots and geometric labels) can be customized to match your requirements. CheckMate can publish reports in web formats for viewing with common tools such as Internet browsers. CheckMate also works with uncompensated data from any source to quickly verify surfaces as well as prismatic features using CAD data.

  • CheckMate SoftFit Analysis Origin is the pioneer of SoftFit™ root cause analysis technology. SoftFit™ adds "what if" analysis to CheckMate Reporting and treats measured data as a resource for mathematical analysis. It calculates bonus tolerances across multiple features simultaneously. You can quickly remove anomalies in results data caused by poor alignments or determine root cause of process related manufacturing problems. Feature based algorithms overcome the inadequacies of traditional point to point "best-fit" methods. The return on investment associated with this technology produces a significant benefit.

  • CheckMate SoftOrient Origin is the pioneer in fixtureless/datumless alignment technology. SoftOrient™ enables fast, accurate orientation of machines to free-form surfaces, or to less than perfect features on prismatic parts. Using Origin's SoftFit™ eliminates the need for precision holding fixtures, eliminates machine iterations and reduces the alignment time from hours to minutes. Origins SoftFit™ sits right on your CMM.

  • Sheffield Translator Origin International Inc. is pleased to announce the new release of its MLB2DMIS product. The MLB2DMIS product is a translator intended for use by companies to convert legacy CMM programs coded in Sheffield’s native MLB Basic language to the DMIS standard. The Sheffield MLB Basic language is a capable, sometimes complex coding environment. Customers typically adopt coding practices or styles that take advantage of specific CMM language features. The resulting program code can be a barrier to entry for the standard DMIS language. The Origin MLB2DMIS translator is designed to overcome the barriers to porting code. MLB2DMIS is software configured to recognize customer specific MLB language use and then effectively convert that code to DMIS. MLB2DMIS is available as a standalone system or site license. When combined with the Origin CheckMate suite of CAD based CMM Programming, Reporting and SoftFit ™ Analysis companies can dramatically improve the productivity of their CAD<>CMM technology. Implementation and support services are available. Additional conversion project services are also available.

  • SoftFit II Fabrication Plant Dimentional control software. Manages the dimentional process from Inspection plan, Supplier buyoffs, and Root Cause analysis.

  • Contract Part Inspection Programming Develop Inspection programs to measure parts on CMM's. Programs ar written for any moder CMM.

  • Die Development Software Automates the adjustments to DIE's from the 1st off part to final tool buyoff's

  • Dimensional Planner Planning measurement features by ballooning from CAD models. Capturing labels and measurement details in the process. This electronic information is then distributed to supply chain and internal users.

  • Point Cloud Metrology Cloud Data Metrology provides robust metrology functionality of both single and multiple part studies (SPC) for two distinct disciplines. 1. Cloud data to CAD compare with color gradient mapping. 2. Inspection Reporting. Lets clarify what cloud data is. To CheckMate Cloud Data is defined as data typically collected from scanning in either of two formats: 1. Point data XYZ and optionally a vector) 2. STL data (stereo lithography) Processing of the data consists of; 1. Performing surface comparisons of the cloud data to the CAD model and creating color deviation maps for single part studies and Average deviation, 6 sigma spread, Range, Cp and Cpk for multiple part studies. 2. To extract substitute features to perform soft gaging operations and produce dimensional inspection reports. 3. Facilitate generation of inspection features by measuring a feature. Generic Procedure -The Color Gradient tool bar is provided to walk the user through the process. -Default screens to adjust Color Gradient Scale and set Color Gradient Properties -Cloud data is automatically aligned to the CAD -Deviations are calculated to generate color gradient maps. -Color Gradient Maps are created When required CheckMate Soft gages have been developed -substitute features are created and CheckMate reporting entities produced for further processing of CheckMate inspection reports. Refining Color Map Plots CheckMate can create a number of different color map plots with each polygon colored from: 1. Deviations from actual 2. If multiple samples then Average Deviation from selected samples 3. 6σ spread calculated from the deviation of the samples. 4. Range of the sample's deviation 5. Cp for the selected samples. 6. Cpk for the selected samples.

  • Calypso to Equator ™ Authoring The authoring software module allows the end-user to create part programs on their existing Co-ordinate Measuring Machine, measure the "master part". Origin's authoring software module creates from the part program and the measured results file two files used on the Renishaw Equator™ with a click of a button.

  • CheckMateRT (Run Time) Solution The CheckMateRT (Run Time) Solution takes Q.C. Reporting and Engineering Analysis and wraps them into a seamless system that flows hand in hand with Renishaw’s Equator TM Comparitor. From CMM results, CheckMateRT uses Gauge Simulation Fit technology, correctly evaluating the GD&T and simultaneous MMC conditions across multiple DRF’s, as the print specifies. No longer are the days where the CMM rejects a part while the shop floor go/no-go Gauge accepts it. Then, CheckMateRT takes the data and generates reports for excel, text and stats systems, all seamlessly at program measurement runtime.

  • PC-DMIS to Equator Authoring software The authoring software module allows the end-user to generate Gage software for the Renishaw Equator. The "master part" program is written with PC-DMIS, then measured. Origin's authoring software module inputs the part program and results and generate both the Modus program and the reference cal file with the click of a button, that are ready to run on the Equator.

  • CMM program translator This software translates CMM part programs written for one CMM Software Language into the CMM Software Language of another CMM Manufacturer. I.E. Calypso to Modus, PC-DMIS to OpenDMIS, etc. User can expect greater than 85% translation. Please web site for an up to date of the CMM Software and version that can be translated.

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