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  • 320-2255 St-Laurent Blvd
  • K1G4K3

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Updated on:
2016-01-07,  Industry Canada
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Special purpose software engineering for both scientific and business applications. Facilities management of computer/network based processes. BPR, systems integration, client server setup, WWW interfaces, and systems security software management. Informatics professional consulting and project staffing. Special purpose application development for data warehousing and remote sensing data conversions (automated mapping and geomatics).


  • Outsourced Facility Management - GOCO Informations based systems/service management of Cots, desktops and networks.

  • Software Engineering Protyping - Remote Sensing Geo Spatial Systems development.

  • Software Consulting - Databases, LAN Network set-up and support. Client Server set-up and support.

  • Software Engineering Research Support R & D of technologies for Spatial Data integration.

  • Multimedia Systems Integration of developed software & Cots to enable display of information and imagery from CD Rom and client server DBMS.

  • Surveillance Network security/ S/W support.

  • Software Q/A Q/A of S/W for license to industry.

  • Processing (SAR) S/W development and prototype process development.

  • Processing (Sensor) S/W development & integration of technologies.

  • Sensor Data Fusion GPS & INS data fusion.

  • Real-Time Systems Satellite data link image recording and visualization systems.

  • Processing (Data) Building of data warehouses.

  • Pattern Recognition Automatic process development for image correction applications.

  • Data Compression/Spatial Data Correction Sensor data correction & mapping for terrain modeling & land use analysis.

  • GPS Integration of GPC, INS & calibration data to spatial, correct & orientate sensor data sets.

  • Data Visualization Preparation of data for data warehousing/retrieval.

  • Display Systems Creation of CD Roms containing landuse information for display using Java/Netscape Cots.

  • Electronic Charting Digital terrain mapping using Steno Imagery.

  • Engineering (Software) Mathematical programming of solutions for data re-sampling, auto correction and mapping.

  • Web Site & Home Page Development Gov't site development of general and secure nature.

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