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Waterloo Information Systems Limited
  • 1-368 Phillip S
  • N2L5J1
  • 1-368 Phillip St
  • N2L5J1

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Sweden, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$500,000 to $999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-16,  Industry Canada
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Waterloo Information Systems Limited

Company Profile

Waterloo Information Systems was incorporated in 1984 as a limited company with the objective to develop and market selected information systems applications in the open systems computing environment. The efforts of the company have focused in three areas: Freight Management/Shipping Systems Retail Management/Point of Sale Interactive Learning Tools


  • WISL Retail Management Software Retail Management Software WISL offers an extensive suite of retail management software applications anchored by C/PRM(the Component/Package Retail Management System). Other WISL retail management products include Waterloo Point of Sale(WATPOS) a package originally developed at the University of Waterloo that is implemented in a number of college and university bookstore and food services sites, WISL Telephone Order Generation System(WISL TOG) and WISL EDI - Retail.

  • WISL Freight Management Software Freight Management Software WISL offers an extensive suite of freight management software applications anchored by FAIS(the Freight Analysis Information System). Other WISL products that interface with FAIS address specific operational needs of shippers including Warehouse Management, Distribution Control ,Warehouse Management and Branch Shipping Management. WISL also offers software modules that address the specific operational needs of carriers, forwarders and brokers including Dispatch, Billing and Rates and Pricing Administration.

  • FAIS WISL offers several software logistics products that include shipping, auditing, distribution control, dispatch, billing and EDI. All of these are integrated with an advanced auto-rating facility and run in the Open Systems computing environment, Windows NT or UNIX. ConnectIT Category Description: TRANSPORTATION Transportation ConnectIT-keywords: Freight, transportation, shipper, carrier, EDI, broker, forwarder, rating, audit, traffic

  • WATPOS WISL offers several software retail management products that include point-of-sale, inventory management at both product and serial number level, purchase control, receiving, quotation generation, invoicing, returns, warranty processing, telephone order generaltion, invoicing, returns, warranty processing, telephone order generation and EDI. All modules run in the Open Systems computing environment, Windows NT or UNIX. ConnectIT Category Description: COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT Retail Business ConnectIT-keywords: Retail, POS, inventory, buyer, warranty, register, invoice, EDI, purchase order, returns, receiving

  • WISL Learning Tools WISL has developed some browser based interactive learning tools for the elementary school market. An example is Melanie’s Mystery Numbers (MMN) which consists of three interactive facilities. A Teaching Aid that helps with preparation of problem solving exercises. A Learning Aid that allows students to reinforce learned number concepts at varying levels of difficulty. Lastly an administrative tool provides for setting of parameters for the Teaching and Learning Aid facilities, maintenance of a valid User ID data base and generation of various student performance reports and other exports MNM allows teachers to easily prepare challenging problem solving exercises to help students learn basic number concepts and also provides an interactive facility for students to reinforce learned concepts at varying levels of difficulty. This facility targets grade levels 4 - 8. WISL now offers a Single Class Edition which provides the same features but may be deployed outside a formal school setting. Teachers may use it in a classroom or it may be utilized by students at home or at the library. Anyone wishing to provide a learning environment for any group of students may deploy it on the internet, examples: home-school teachers, family, friends or a tutorial group. More information is available at:

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