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Empress Software Inc.
  • 3100 Steeles Ave E
  • L3R8T3

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Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2017-03-10,  Industry Canada
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Empress Software Inc.

Company Profile

Empress Software Inc. develops, markets and supports the EMPRESS RDBMS "The Embedded Real-Time Database" worldwide. EMPRESS RDBMS is one of the most powerful and cost- effective database management systems available for organizations developing embedded, real-time applications using UNIX, Linux, Windows or Real-Time systems. EMPRESS RDBMS is compact, agile and maintenance-free and is suited for embedded systems, real-time, communications & networking, military & defense, process control and scientific & engineering applications. EMPRESS RDBMS is capable of managing all traditional data as well as text, binary and multimedia data in the most demanding applications such as weather forecasting, space exploration, flight simulation and geographical information systems. Empress Software Inc. markets directly to end-users and through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Distributors worldwide. Founded in 1979, Empress Software is a privately held company that serves a growing global community from offices in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Beltsville, Maryland. International sales and support are directed from Markham (Toronto), Canada, and carried out through well- established distributor channels.


  • EMPRESS RDBMS 'The Embedded Real-Time Database' EMPRESS RDBMS 'The Embedded Real-Time Database' is one of the most powerful and cost-effective database management systems for developing embedded, real-time applications. EMPRESS RDBMS works with UNIX, Linux, Windows and Real-Time systems. EMPRESS RDBMS is compact, agile and maintenance-free and is suited for communications & networking, military & defense, process control and scientific & engineering applications. EMPRESS RDBMS is capable of managing all traditional data as well as text, binary, image and visualization data for weather forecasting, space exploration, flight simulation, GIS. EMPRESS has API’s for C, SQL, ODBC, JDBC, HTML, Fortran. EMPRESS options include three servers and standalone mode.

  • Empress Embedded Real-Time Toolkit (ERT Toolkit) The ERT Toolkit for EMPRESS RDBMS developers is a "C" Language API that implements a number of abstract data objects in the EMPRESS RDBMS such as Array, Circular Buffer, Queue, Stack, Table and Variable, as well as, several special attributes such as Record Number, Timestamp, Key and Serial Number. The ERT Toolkit is distributed in source form and uses the EMPRESS "Extreme C Interface" to implement database functionality. The ERT Toolkit is both useful in providing higher level data abstraction for the embedded real-time developer as well as real examples of the power and flexibility of EMPRESS "Extreme C Interface”.

  • Empress Connectivity Server for ODBC, JDBC and HTML EMPRESS Connectivity Server is an EMPRESS RDBMS server that supports three different protocols: ODBC, JDBC and HTML using client server architecture. The main components are the EMPRESS Connectivity Server for UNIX, Linux, Windows, Real-Time and EMPRESS Clients for UNIX, Linux, Windows, Real-Time. The client and server can reside on the same machine or different machines and be a mixture of UNIX, Linux, Windows, Real-Time for both the client and server. EMPRESS Connectivity uses TCP/IP communication protocol allowing application programs running on client systems to communicate with the EMPRESS Connectivity server running on a system where user data resides.

  • Empress Dynamic SQL (DSQL) EMPRESS Dynamic SQL allows the application developer to access and process data stored in EMPRESS databases, using dynamic SQL commands from within a C program. DSQL allows table names, attributes and selection criteria to be changed while the application is running thus providing greater flexibility at run time. The following operations on tables in EMPRESS databases are supported: 1)adding rows to a table, 2)updating rows in a table, 3)deleting rows from a table, 4)selecting rows from a table, 5)adding, updating and deleting all or part of a context of selected rows. EMPRESS Dynamic SQL statements can be embedded in transactions.

  • Empress Distributed Server The EMPRESS Distributed Server allows many EMPRESS databases to be distributed over multiple heterogeneous machines in a network while allowing all such machines to access all the EMPRESS databases in the network transparently. With EMPRESS Distributed Server, developers have the ability to distribute EMPRESS RDBMS databases across a mixed-hardware network of computers, including 64-bit supercomputers & servers and 32-bit servers & workstations, for true peer-to-peer database functionality. Any system on the network running EMPRESS Distributed Server can be designed as a client, a server, or both, giving full flexibility to the network manager for load balancing and application design.

  • Empress Fortran Interface The EMPRESS FORTRAN Interface provides a kernel level FORTRAN API to directly operate on EMPRESS databases. There are four groups of EMPRESS kernel level FORTRAN API routines: and close, 2.qualification building, 3.record retrieval based on qualifications, 4.record manipulation. The EMPRESS FORTRAN Interface also includes a precompiler to access and process data stored in EMPRESS databases using SQL commands in a FORTRAN program. The following EMPRESS FORTRAN precompiler operations on EMPRESS databases are supported: 1.selecting, adding, updating and deleting rows from a table, 2.adding, updating and deleting all or part of a context of selected rows, 3.using EMPRESS RDBMS Transactions.

  • Empress Technical Support Center The Empress Technical Support department strives to provide the best technical support possible. We keep up-to-date information on the equipment and operating environments of all of our users so that we can give prompt, accurate and focused service.

  • Empress Everything 'The Works' EMPRESS EVERYTHING 'The Works' is a convenient and cost effective packaging of the EMPRESS RDBMS and all available components. It consists of (where available) the EMPRESS RDBMS (Kernel Level 'C' API for maximum performance, Interactive SQL, Report Writer, Utilities), ODBC & JDBC Local Mode, Connectivity Server for ODBC, JDBC, HTML, Replication Server & Clients, Embedded Real-Time Toolkit, GUI Builder, 4GL, HTML Hypermedia Toolkit, Fortran and Distributed Server & Clients. This provides all Empress Software for embedded, real-time systems at a discounted price. The embedded application developer wants speed, efficiency and control and this package gives the developer maximum choice.

  • Empress Embedded Developer's Toolkit EMPRESS Embedded Developer's Toolkit is a convenient and cost effective packaging of the EMPRESS RDBMS (including Kernel Level “C” API for maximum performance, Interactive SQL, Report Writer, Utilities), ODBC Local Mode, JDBC Local Mode, Connectivity Server for ODBC, JDBC, HTML and EMPRESS HTML Hypermedia Toolkit. This provides the most popular Empress Software for embedded systems and dynamic database driven web applications at a discounted package price. Speed, efficiency and control are central concerns to embedded application developers. EMPRESS optimizes its RDBMS technology to be the fastest handler of binary data within the UNIX, Linux, Windows and Real-Time database market.

  • Empress JDBC Interface EMPRESS JDBC is the EMPRESS API that connects Java programs to EMPRESS RDBMS allowing Java programs to execute EMPRESS SQL statements. EMPRESS JDBC consists of classes and interfaces written in Java and is platform independent allowing developers to write a database application once and execute it anywhere. Developers can easily write applications, create servlets and applets that easily connect to EMPRESS databases, send SQL queries and process the results. The EMPRESS JDBC Interface works in standalone mode and also has Category 2 and 4 JDBC drivers. The Category 2 Driver connects directly to the EMPRESS Connectivity Server, speeding performance.

  • Empress ODBC Interface EMPRESS ODBC Interface is a standard call-level API for the "C" programming language that allows Client Applications to access EMPRESS RDBMS databases either in client-server or standalone mode. Client Applications written using the EMPRESS ODBC Interface can access any EMPRESS or non-EMPRESS ODBC Data Source providing that a corresponding driver exists to support that Data Source. The Data Source may reside on a remote Server platform connected via a network, on a local Server on the same computer or in Standalone mode without needing a server on the same computer. EMPRESS ODBC works with UNIX, Linux, Windows and Real-Time systems.

  • Empress Replication Server EMPRESS Replication Server allows users to distribute data from one master computer to one or more target computers in a LAN or WAN. EMPRESS Replication creates a set of EMPRESS RDBMS tables as copies of the master tables and keeps them synchronized. Benefits of using EMPRESS Replication Server include: higher data availability, reduced network traffic by using local copies of data, off loading data contention between database applications, distributing system load across multiple locations, easy recovery from system failures and automatically providing data redundancy in a network. EMPRESS Replication can be configured to replicate only subsets of data.

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