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Bytes of Learning Incorporated
  • 24 Emerick Ave
  • L2A2W3

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Australia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States
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417310  Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
611710  Educational Support Services
511210  Software Publishers
Updated on:
2015-05-14,  Industry Canada
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Bytes of Learning Incorporated

Company Profile

Bytes of Learning researches, develops and markets high quality software and ancillary materials for use in schools, homes, offices and training environments. Products are carefully planned, priced and packaged so they are attractive to reseller channels and can be readily adapted to new marketing opportunities. Bytes of Learning products are now distributed in Canada, the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Central America. Bytes of Learning has formal co-marketing relations with Apple Computer, Microsoft and other key parties. Bytes of Learning is interested in acquiring new products and new partners. We are experienced marketing products in North and Central America and the UK and we have successfully built relations with distributors on other continents. We welcome opportunities to share our strengths in mutually beneficial relationships.


  • UltraKey UltraKey is one of the leading typing instruction programs in North American schools. It is distributed throughout North America, the UK, Hong Kong and Australia. The most recent UltraKey version 5.0 ships for Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista and Mac OSX Universal Binary. UltraKey 5.0 is the first ever instructional software to feature IP-based data communication that lets each client exchange data with an easy-to-manage server application called UltraKey 5.0 Data Server software. This original technology from Bytes of Learning eliminates the support and security issues associated with conventional network applications while providing the most universal access. For example, Kansas City Missouri uses UltraKey 5.0 in over 90 schools and maintains the learning performance data and option settings on only a few centralized server locations. UltraKey 5.0 is also extremely adaptable sporting the world's first user selectable graphical interface. UltraKey even provides Spanish speech to support Spanish-speaking people who are learning to keyboard in English. UltraKey is a common choice for district-wide typing instruction because it supports a wide range of student ages, abilities and needs. To preview or purchase UltraKey, visit:

  • CREATE Together CREATE Together takes multimedia authoring in the classroom to the next level of power, ease of use and productivity. First announced at FETC in Florida March 2000, Create Together is the first educational tool that lets teachers and students collaboratively create multimedia as simple or as complex as they want; then, publish their multimedia to the Internet with the click of a mouse! Games, encyclopedias, learning puzzles, branching presentations, and more – you name it, you can do it with CREATE Together. You can share the work with friends and you can all publish your results on the Internet. CREATE Together is the result of a partnership between Bytes of Learning and Costa Rica’s CREADISA. The tool now ships for Windows and Mac OS X. For details, visit:

  • How to Teach Keyboarding (Book) Now that schools and school districts recognize the need for early instruction in correct keyboarding technique, this book is a recipe for teachers who have been asked to teach keyboarding and need help, now! How to Teach Keyboarding is written by Cheryl Cerri-Llamas and Frances Henderson, teachers experienced in the art and instruction of keyboarding skill. The book addresses all the fundamentals including how to teach students from pre-school up. To purchase, visit:

  • How to Teach Keyboarding (Video) This 23-minute video features classroom teacher, Cheryl Cerri-Llamas and her students who regularly achieve average speeds of 80 wpm plus! But the video is not just about teaching students how to keyboard. It includes handy tips on working with outdated school furniture, selecting typing software, and more. Any teacher, school or school district who is implementing keyboarding instruction should include this video in their teacher training resources. Please also see the description of How to Teach Keyboarding, the Book by Cheryl Cerri-Llamas and Frances Henderson. To purchase, visit:

  • Sitting Pretty: Teaching Safe Posture (Book) With children using computer keyboards from age 3 on, injuries due to improper or overextended use of keyboards are bound to occur. Sitting Pretty provides direct information and teaching suggestions designed to educate and prepare students for a lifetime of healthy use of computer technology. Students must know how their physical habits off and on the keyboard can affect their futures. They also need to know how they can prevent disabling conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Sitting Pretty is written by Kathy Dulmage, a teacher with a Master of Science degree in ergonomics. Any teacher, school or school district should include this book in their teacher training resources. To purchase, visit:

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