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Eaton Corporation, Powerware Division
  • 380 Carlingview Dr.
  • M9W5X9

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Algeria, Japan, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
335315  Switchgear and Switchboard, and Relay and Industrial Control Apparatus Manufacturing
Quality Certifications:
ISO 9001
Total Sales ($CDN):
$25,000,000 to $49,999,999
Updated on:
2015-06-01,  Industry Canada
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Eaton Corporation, Powerware Division

Company Profile

Powerware Corporation, formerly known as Exide Electronics, designs and manufactures innovative, end-to-end power protection and management solutions -- many of which are deployed by a broad range of businesses and institutions worldwide. The company differentiates itself on several levels, but it is particularly known for its solutions approach to solving everyday power problems, simply and efficiently. Drawing upon a vast array of resources and experience, Powerware has earned a solid reputation for performance that gives customers added confidence in their technology investments. Powerware integrates a full line of uninterruptible power systems (UPS), power management software and services, allowing customers to easily manage power in a way that increases enterprise-wide systems availability. Its products are typically used in networking, PC, financial, medical, industrial, voice and data communications, military and aerospace applications - wherever continuous power is essential to daily operations. Powerware is a technological leader, with more than 30 registered patents and a long-term performance record that dates back to the early 1960s (to protecting the first data centers). Since then, Powerware innovations have closely paralleled the continuing evolution of information technology, anticipating major trends such as the shift to networking, technology convergence and web-based computing. The company was the first to bring mission-critical power protection from the data center to the desktop and the first to introduce network power management. Powerware offers one of the largest portfolios of power- protection products in the industry. The company dominates several commercial and federal government markets. It is also the marketshare leader in supplying UPS products and services for resale to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). These OEMs, which include many of the largest computer and networking companies in the world, frequently list Powerware products as the default UPS on their solutions configurators. Powerware is a member of the Invensys Power Systems Division, a 2.3 billion global leader in the controls and automation industry. The synergies and added resouces available from this strong parent company has added to Powerware's success as a leading power protection and management solutions provider. Powerware Canada Inc., formerly Exide Electronics, designs, manufactures, markets and services a broad range of power quality and power protection devices that protect valuable data and sensitive electronic systems from power problems. These power problems range from complete outages to complex waveform disturbances that share a common effect -- they threaten the proper operation of critical equipment with results that range from expensive to life threatening. Powerware products are used in networking, PC, financial, medical, industrial, voice and data communications, military and aerospace applications -- wherever continuous, clean power is essential. Powerware offers a full line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power management software, power quality correction devices, and a global service organization. Powerware Canada has a global mandate to carry out engineering and product development in Canada for world markets. A development team of engineers up to the doctorate level works in well equipped labs that can handle electrical loads up to 1MW. For more than 37 years, Powerware, an Invensys company, has made a name for itself by providing power protection and power management systems for the world's most mission-critical applications, including: NASA Federal Aviation Administration MCI Social Security Administration American Airlines' SABRE network


  • POWER SUPPLIES, UNINTERRUPTIBLE (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) utilize rectifiers/battery chargers, batteries and inverters to achieve clean reliable power to protect computers, critical loads in diverse applications, including large computer facilities, mainframe and minicomputer systems, communications systems, medical applications and distributed computing environments. BRAND NAMES: OneUPS NetUPS POWERWARE PRESTIGE POWERWARE PLUS BALANCED POWER II BALANCED POWER PLUS Deltec Lortec

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